About us

Welcome to The Spectrum Education Academy (SEA) website. We hope you will learn more about autism and the services available through us. We look forward to your comments, questions, and feedback!

“The Spectrum Education Academy is a revolutionary, organization of Pakistan. We work through direct services, advocacy, and provision of updated information to improve the lives of children with autism and their families. We provide support and services to the parents of autistic children and also provide assistance to those who work with them in Pakistan. The SEA established in 2018. We in Pakistan, has developed its activities extremely in the recent past, and our appropriate actions have also changed to meet current needs. We are also committed to assist parents of autistic children not only in Pakistan but also outside Pakistan, through our updated and research based information and materials children are achieving developmental milestones.


Sanan was born normally at hospital. He cried just after Birth after a week he suffered chest infection .He walked when he was one year old was f first detected with something not normal when he was 4 years and not still talking and drooling continuously. Doctors prescribed piracetam and codergocrine for several months but no gain After sometime we came to know he was having some mental weakness. Learning was also an issue during search for special schools I found Mr azhar kazmi sb and he solved all my problems’ I took time to time guidance and a regular plan for his therapies.Thanks to Mr azhar kazmi sb a hardworking and great teacher


My daughter has suffered from poor health since birth. She was vitamin D deficient because of which she was noticeably weaker than children her own age. While she overcame this with treatment, the problem truly arose when we put her in school. At this point, I started consulting psychologists and psychiatrists, who told me that she was suffering from a disorder called ‘ADHD’, and that it was nothing serious. While this is not a disease, the child still needed direction and a solution to her problems, something which I could not provide. I met Sir Azhar, who guided me and taught me therapy techniques that I could do with my daughter at home. To my surprise and amazement, the therapy began to work and I could never have imagined that only a bit of punctuality and a realisation of responsibility would do such wonders for my child.



Every child deserves to be educated. We believe that every child can achieve therefore our mission is to ensure that we wallop into the latent of our students and help them discover their own strength so that they are fully prepared to face the future with confidence. We are also committed to developing our student’s capability and confidence with the help of a specially designed curriculum and trained teachers.